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The true test of a great jigsaw puzzle is how satisfying and consuming it is to put the pieces together. Between a finely cut wooden jigsaw puzzle of years gone by, versus the standard cardboard variety of today... well, there’s no comparison.

Fool's Gold Fine Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


Welcome to Fool’s Gold, premier crafters of custom wooden jigsaw puzzles!

Started in 1997, Fool’s Gold’s mission is to develop and create the finest wooden jigsaw puzzles available.  Each puzzle is patiently crafted with a jigsaw blade no wider than a whisker. And because each wooden jigsaw puzzle is cut by hand, no two are ever alike.

Collecting antique wooden jigsaw puzzles led David Beffa-Negrini to craft his own.

The business grew from Beffa-Negrini's private collection of pre-1950’s wooden jigsaw puzzles.  From these earlier works, he observed that the true test of a great jigsaw puzzle was how satisfying and consuming it was to put the pieces together.  Between a finely cut wooden jigsaw puzzle versus the standard cardboard variety of today...well, there’s no comparison.  

A customer writes “I didn't realize how tactilely gratifying they are.  And because the shapes are more diverse than in steel-rule cut jigsaws, it can be solved much more by looking for the right shapes, which is fun.”   

True puzzlers’ puzzles – no pictures included.

The woods used are a special blend of 1/4" solid basswood backed by a beautiful double-thick striped mahogany veneer.  Once the puzzle is cut, each piece is carefully hand-oiled, waxed and polished.  

Fool's Gold offers a variety of sizes for most of its puzzles. Our "Nugget Series" are smaller-sized puzzles, typically around 35 or so pieces, with prices starting at only $50. Our classic Fool’s Gold "Gold Standard Series" jigsaw puzzles generally start around $100.
All Fool's Gold puzzles are packed inside a liquid gold lamé pouch fitted into a beautifully crafted black box.  And, as
with all of the puzzles, no pictures are included.  They are true puzzler’s puzzles.

Fool's Gold Puzzle Box

Wooden jigsaw puzzles may be personalized.  
Special tricks can be incorporated.

Custom wooden jigsaw puzzles make perfect gifts any time of the year and for every occasion — holidays, birthdays, reunions, corporate and executive gifts, weddings and anniversaries, graduations, retirements...  Each custom puzzle contains our signature “jester” piece.  Along with this “fool” one can personalize their order with a variety of specially cut "Foolish Figural" pieces (or whimsies) — a heart, frog, starfish, one’s name, a sailboat... whatever the desire!

Customers can send in their own artwork or photos, or choose from our gallery of pictures and prints. For the true puzzlers at heart, Fool’s Gold can incorporate a variety of special tricks such as cuts along color lines, irregular edges, drop-outs, silhouettes, false edges, and... well, we won’t share all our secrets!

Order with confidence.
No Foolin’ Guarantee.

You can order Fool's Gold puzzles online securely through PayPal or you can place
your requests via email at puzzles@foolsgoldpuzzles.com.  We can also be reached at
603-827-9825 or at the following address:
Fool's Gold, PO Box 904, Harrisville, NH 03450. Puzzles ordered from www.foolsgoldpuzzles.com are usually shipped within 2 to 3 weeks, and shipping within the Continental U.S. is free.  Our "No Foolin’ Guarantee"  means complete satisfaction or the purchase price will be refunded.

Happy puzzling!

David Beffa-Negrini
Founding Fool

Beffa-Negrini is a State-Juried Member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.  
He also the past president and the current Quarterly editor of the Association for Games & Puzzles International.