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Fool's Gold can handcraft a custom wooden jigsaw puzzle for your next corporate event.

Fool's Gold Fine Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

bullet CORPORATE PUZZLES (and Team Building Events)

Fool's Gold has collaborated with dozens of companies and institutions, from
fledgling startups to Fortune 100 firms, crafting custom wooden jigsaw puzzles
for special events and marketing campaigns, team-building exercises, as well
as corporate gifts for employees and clients, retirements, and "jobs well done."

Custom wooden jigsaw puzzles can
be ordered and crafted for...

• Advertising Campaigns
• Marketing Campaigns
• Teamwork Exercises
• Your Company Logo
• Raffles and Prizes
• Scavenger Hunts
• Corporate Gifts
• Special Events
• Seminars

wooden triangle puzzle trust triangle
On this page, discover a few examples of some of the custom wooden jigsaw
puzzles we've crafted for a variety of companies and educational institutions.

wooden jigsaw puzzle Ocean Spray


Ocean Spray

Specially crafted figure pieces are shown on top of
the puzzle. These include the words "Ocean Spray",
a gallon juice container, cherries,
and the Ocean
Spray classic wave.

wooden jigsaw puzzle biogen idec


Biogen idec

A variety of medical figure pieces were crafted into this puzzle, including
a beaker, syringe,
and a microscope.

wooden jigsaw puzzle Aviva



It was surprising
to learn that
this life insurance company has served its clients for more than 300 years!

wooden jigsaw puzzle Bose


This company is
all about music
and sound as evidenced by the specially crafted
Foolish Figural pieces of a G clef, musical notes,
and a pair of headphones.
The puzzle was
also crafted in
the shape
of a speaker.

wooden jigsaw puzzle Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific

Whenever possible, Foolish Figurals try to be crafted in areas of the puzzle that work well colorwise to define the specific puzzle piece. In this
puzzle, the otoscope (ear tool), the reflex tool (check those knees), and the syringe try
to accomplish this.

wooden jigsaw puzzle Bright Horizons


Bright Horizons

Beautiful bright colors. A fun
puzzle to cut
and display.

Fool's Gold can
craft pretty much any figure piece
you can think of.

We call them
Foolish Figurals.
You may see or
hear these special figure pieces also called "whimsies."

wooden jigsaw puzzle CleanHarbors



This company provides environmental
and hazardous
waste management services, depicted by the recycling
and water related figural pieces.

wooden jigsaw puzzle CVS


No, puzzle pieces are not for consumption and eating them are
not good for you.

Fool's Gold puzzle pieces typically measure two pieces per square inch.

wooden jigsaw puzzle Fisher Scientific


Fisher Scientific

In this puzzle, the
logo of the company was crafted keeping the integrity of the
F within the circle.

Other figure pieces included a double helix, beaker, a microscope, and
a few molecules.

wooden jigsaw puzzle GE General Electric
Specially cut Foolish Figurals include GE's logo,
propeller, lightning bolt, and a light bulb.

General Electric

wooden jigsaw puzzle general electric figure pieces
wooden jigsaw puzzle LL Bean
Puzzle shown with Foolish Figural pieces dropped out.


LL Bean

wooden jigsaw puzzle Lo Jack



A bright colorful
puzzle featuring crafted figure
pieces of some
of the vehicles covered by
the company.

wooden jigsaw puzzle MassMutual


Mass Mutual

A colorful collage. Collages can make
for interesting and challenging puzzles.

Foolish Figurals
for this financial company feature
a balance scale, dollar sign,
hand-in-hand people, a house,
and a cute little piggy bank.



wooden jigsaw puzzle Mitre corp



This puzzle was
crafted in the
shape of the company's logo.

wooden jigsaw puzzle Tyco



A myriad product
line, from coat
hangers to keys
to processor chips
are represented
by the Foolish Figural pieces.

wooden jigsaw puzzle UBS


Another puzzle
like MITRE and
Tyco, crafted in
the shape of the company's logo.

Pounds, dollars,
yens, and euros represented by
some Foolish Figurals.

wooden jigsaw puzzle Wellington Management


Wellington Management


A close up view of
the company's logo crafted into two separate pieces.

wooden jigsaw puzzle HGA architects and engineers

HGA Architects
and Engineers

A fantastic team-building exercise.
A scavenger hunt where 24 puzzle pieces were scattered throughout 40 plus acres. Each team
had to go and find their particular
team piece!