80 Fool's Gold custom hand cut unique personalized wooden jigsaw puzzles crafted by David Beffa-Negrini
wooden jigsaw puzzles make unique gifts | custom jigsaw puzzles can be personalized from prints, photos, and artwork | free shipping in the US

The true test of a great jigsaw puzzle is how satisfying and consuming it is to put the pieces together. Between a finely cut wooden jigsaw puzzle of years gone by, versus the standard cardboard variety of today... well, there’s no comparison.

Fool's Gold Fine Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


Fool’s Gold offers a wide variety of wooden jigsaw puzzles. This section highlights
some of our Tricky Puzzles, offering the assembler even more of a challenge.

Butterfly Series - Just when you think you're done....

Our Official Fool's Gold Baffling Butterflies Ruler!

Tricky Butterfly puzzle with ruler

Think you've solved either "Baffling Butterflies" or "Baffling Birds" (below),
well, not so fast, you still must past the Official Fool's Gold Ruler test.
Complete instructions are included with each puzzle.


"Baffling Butterflies"

Your mission (should you care to accept it) is to first piece together all of the butterflies, and then place them all carefully within the border of the puzzle. No forcing of any pieces is allowed!

"Baffling Birds"

Similar goal to Baffling Butterflies. Simply fit all
of the birds within the border of the puzzle.

Note: Not all of the pieces may beshown in
the two baffling puzzles depicted here.

Our "Back-to-Back Butterflies" puzzle is another original Fool's Gold trick puzzle. Both of the puzzle's front AND back are the exact same image. You won't know which side is which! And in case you didn't know, as a rule, no pictures are included with our puzzles. So if you truly want a challenge, have some time on your hands, or want to get back at somebody, then these puzzles are for you!



"Back-to-Back Butterflies"

Created especially for those die-hard puzzle enthusiasts.

It’s our first two-sided puzzle—with the identical beautiful butterfly image on the front AND on the back, all perfectly aligned so you won’t know which side is which.

Back-to-Back Butterflies
225 pieces
10" x 12"
Baffling Butterflies
80 pieces
6" x 8"
Baffling Birds
80 pieces
6" x 8"



Fool's Gold Brix Series!

Each of these puzzles is unique and can be custom designed. Here are a few examples. Color choices can vary. Each one is individual handrafted and painted.



The Wriggle series are one-of-a-kind puzzles and very difficult to assemble.

This one is handpainted in green tones on both sides of the puzzle pieces.

These can be crafted in a variety of colors.

The frames can be different colors as well from what is shown here.

It is a one-layer puzzle that nests inside a frame.


This Wriggle is handpainted in blue tones with a green border.

These are very challenging puzzles!

(Shown with green hues)
30 piece range
8" x 8"



(Shown with blue hues)
F1502 30 piece range 8" x 8

"Wave" - 3 layer puzzle!

In Stock!

A beautiful handpainted 3-layer puzzle.
The layers positioned below the top layer are slightly revealed
(as can be seen in the photo below). The puzzle pieces are handpainted on both sides.

A 3-layer puzzle cut in the creative style.
70 piece range
9.5" x 7"