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Fool's Gold Fine Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


Imagine a wooden jigsaw puzzle personalized with your name, your favorite hobby
or pet, a special calendar date, or a favorite activity. At Fool’s Gold, it’s all possible. Let us craft you a truly one-of-a-kind puzzle; one you will enjoy for years to come.

Shannon Custom jigsaw puzzle collage

"Sweet 16"

A number of different
photographs were scanned,
modified, and then designed
to make a one-of-a-kind
collage puzzle. It was the
perfect birthday present for
a young lady's Sweet 16!

Fool's Gold wooden jigsaw puzzle Foolish Figural ballerina

Looking for puzzle ideas?

Custom jigsaw puzzles can be crafted from virtually any image: prints, photographs, maps, postcards, you name it! You’ll find a few examples on this page.

Photographs offer thousands of possibilities for custom puzzles. We are only limited by our imagination. As a rule, we do not cut original photographs. Once received, your photograph is scanned and retouched if necessary. It is then resized and printed on special archival paper and mounted onto our unique puzzle board. With your input, Fool’s Gold will turn your photo into a one-of-a-kind keepsake puzzle.

Peacock double layer wooden jigsaw puzzle


For this peacock puzzle, a double layer was crafted into the jigsaw to make it more challenging for the assembler.

Fool's Gold puzzles are crafted using a solid 1/4" piece of basswood versus the lesser expensive plywood option other cutters employ.


Fool's Gold custom wooden jigsaw puzzle Porter's Island Maine

"Porter’s Island"

This original photograph was scanned,"cleaned up"—ridding dust and scratches, enlarged, and then carefully color-corrected. Details like eliminating extraneous telephone poles and
wires were also done.

"The puzzle's wonderful. It's exactly
what I had envisioned."
—R. M. K., MD


A unique way to say “I love you”

Wedding collage wooden jigsaw puzzle

Wonderful collage celebrates this special occasion!

Imagine giving that special someone a custom jigsaw puzzle for a marriage proposal, wedding anniversary, or engagement...with their name included! Imagine the look on their face as they piece together a heart-shaped puzzle and find the words “I love you” or"Will you marry me?" Whatever the occasion, whatever the event, a personalized jigsaw puzzle is always sure to please.


A"Fool" in every puzzle!

Fool's Gold wooden jigsaw puzzle Foolish Figural jester silohuette figure

Each Fool’s Gold puzzle contains our signature jester piece.
Along with this “fool”you can personalize a puzzle with your choice of specially cut Foolish figure pieces; a heart, frog, starfish, your name, a sailboat…whatever you wish!

Fool's Gold wooden jigsaw puzzle Foolish Figural girl with watering can

How many Foolish Figurals can be included in a puzzle?

A typical 8” x 10” Gold Standard puzzle (contains approximately 160 pieces) and will comfortably accomodate around 8 personalized figure pieces. (Figure a 1 in 20 puzzle piece ratio.) Because of their smaller size, our Fool's Gold Nugget Series puzzles do not include any Foolish Figurals other than our signature “fool.” And there is no extra charge for figure pieces. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Tomorrow’s heirloom today!

Start looking through your family photographs, or search your favorite art store or web site to locate that ideal print. Fool's Gold is ready and excited to craft you your very own custom wooden jigsaw puzzle!