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Fool's Gold Fine Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Welcome to Fool's Gold
Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Since 1997, Fool's Gold has been offering unique and creative, one-of-a-kind handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzles made from the finest materials available.

And thank you for visting my Fool's Gold puzzles website. I know the site is pretty dated in its look and feel, but I'd rather be crafting you a puzzle than being a webmaster!

Peacock wooden jigsaw puzzle

This partial view of a peacock puzzle was crafted as a two-layer puzzle. It is just one example of the variety of ways puzzles can be crafted. Irregular edges, drop outs, double layers, color-line cutting...a few tricks of the trade!

Mt. Whimsy Special Edition wooden jigsaw puzzle

Mt. Whimsy
(Special Editon)

Bob Askey's Mt. Whimsy artwork makes a great puzzle. This special edition features an irregular edge and nearly 200 tiny crafted houses (which after awhile all look the same!). It is a very challenging puzzle... and one of my hardest puzzles to date. This image doesn't show you the whole puzzle. Just dozens of the tiny houses!

Mt. Whimsy (full image not shown)
(Specially crafted houses)
Price: $1295
Approximately 325 pieces: 11" x 15"
Please call to order.

Desert Garden

Desert Garden
(Special Editon)

Cynthia Fitting's Desert Garden artwork makes a wonderful puzzle. This special edition features a unique cutting technique pioneered by John Stokes III. Each piece is a whimsical curvy shape. It is a challenging puzzle and the custom pieces are unlike any puzzle piece you may have ever seen before! This image doesn't show you the puzzle. Just hundreds of pieces!

Desert Garden (Specially crafted pieces)

Click here to see a larger image of these puzzle pieces

Price: $2500
Approximately 325 pieces: 16" x 20"
Please call to order.

Jigsaw Puzzles: Enjoyment All Year!

No matter what the weather outside, from the heat of summer to the chills of winter, some of the best hours of the day can be had at a favorite table piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. Seems everything else just fades away...your only focus, the task at hand. Finding that next piece until the puzzle is complete. Yes, it's a good feeling, one of accomplishment, a smile upon your face.

Oak and Maple wooden jigsaw puzzle

Oak and Maple

Photo by: Jim Block

Wonderful fall image bursting with color!

Click on the image to bring you to its related page and pricing information.

Home is Where the Cat Is wooden jigsaw puzzle

Home is Where the Cat Is

Artwork by: Ruth Sanderson

Could you imagine this!

For the all cat lovers!

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Compare the Fool's Gold Difference!

• Solid basswood vs. plywood
• Custom pouch vs. tissue paper
• Premium 5-star paper vs. ?
• Double-thick veneer backing vs. ?
• No charge for "whimsies" vs. ?

All Fool's Gold custom wooden jigsaw puzzles are individually handcrafted from a solid piece of 1/4" basswood, backed with a double-thick mahogany veneer. Ultra premium 5-star archival matte or luster paper is used for printing puzzle images, and after each puzzle is cut, the mahogany veneer back is hand-sanded, hand-oiled, and hand-waxed to give it a furniture-like finish. The finished puzzle is then packed inside a custom liquid gold lamé pouch and then fitted into a beautifully crafted black box made especially for Fool's Gold with its jester embossed on the top.

Compare these materials and processes to what other puzzle cutters use— typically a less expensive plywood, sometimes backed with a thin veneer, or none at all; varying degrees of printer paper; and tissue paper for inside packing material.




Fool's Gold Puzzle Box

For the cutting of the puzzles, Fool's Gold also uses the finest blades available—as tiny as .007" in thickness. There is no extra charge for "Foolish Figurals" or "whimsies" (personalized pieces). And, as with all of our puzzles, no pictures are included of the final image! They are true puzzlers' puzzles!

So have fun and explore the rest of this site to discover why Fool’s Gold puzzles are your best choice and the quality you deserve when looking for custom wooden jigsaw puzzles.


Hundreds of puzzles from more than a dozen artists.
Click here for our ARTISTS section.

monarch butterflies wooden jigsaw puzzle

This colorful butterfly wooden jigsaw puzzle example highlights an irregular
edge all along its perimeter. This border makes for a more interesting and
challenging puzzle (as no final picture of the puzzle is included for the assembler).


Fool's Gold Puzzles
are Perfect Gifts
for Any and
All Occasions!

Custom jigsaw puzzles from
Fool's Gold are perfect for holidays, reunions, birthdays, promotions, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, and corporate events. Yes, even for those
who seem to have just about everything!

Shannon custom birthday jigsaw puzzle
Fool's Gold wooden jigsaw puzzle Foolish Figural ballerina

"Sweet 16"

A perfect birthday gift for a Sweet 16 featured a number of different photographs that were scanned, modified, and then arranged to make a one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle collage.

the hartford insurance wooden jigsaw puzzle


Corporate Puzzles

Click on the image for more examples of corporate puzzles crafted by Fool's Gold.

Between a fine handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzle versus today's standard cardboard variety, well, there is no comparison.

CVS wooden jigsaw puzzle

Customize Your Puzzle -
Foolish Figurals

Personalize your jigsaw puzzle with your choice of specially cut figure pieces—a starfish, cupid, frog, corporate logo, your name... whatever you wish!

There is no extra charge for your very own personalized
Foolish Figurals. We will do our best to accommodate all
of your special requests.

Fool's Gold wooden jigsaw puzzle Foolish Figural girl with watering can