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Our mission at Fool’s Gold is simple—to create the finest jigsaw puzzles available anywhere. Each puzzle is custom-crafted using a jigsaw blade no wider than a whisker. And since each wooden puzzle is cut by hand, no two are ever alike.

Fool's Gold Fine Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


Fool's Gold has created more than 2000 custom wooden jigsaw puzzles since its founding
in 1997. Here's another example below of what we can do. The puzzle, titled "Cat in the Shadows," highlights an irregular edge along the top incorporating several cat and mice figural pieces. This border makes for a more interesting and challenging puzzle (as no
final picture of the puzzle is included for the assembler).

Cat in the Shadows wooden jigsaw puzzle

Cat in the Shadows - Artist: Lorena Pugh

It’s only a matter of time!

Maybe it’ll happen when you slide apart the beautifully crafted black box, or when you first cast your eyes on the shiny golden pouch tucked inside. Or, as you untie the braided cord, you peak inside and then watch as puzzle pieces tumble and spill out onto your tabletop. Hmmm... anyone watching? You look around, pick up the first piece and start searching for its mate. Ah... success! You’re on a mission. Dinner’s going to have to wait.


Speed to the West!

In this train puzzle (shot on a gray background), five separate puzzle pieces were crafted to actually connect with each other to form a circus train comprised of the engine, a giraffe, elephant, gorilla, and a chimpanzee!


Speed to the West Train wooden jigsaw puzzle
In the train puzzle photo above you can see the various "missing pieces" (look for the internal gray areas). At right, these same pieces connect to form the circus train!
Circus Train jigsaw puzzle

Discover the Fool's Gold difference: Why all wooden jigsaw puzzles
are not created equal.

In a class of its own, Fool’s Gold uses and prefers the look and feel of solid wood for its puzzles (versus a less expensive plywood). Each puzzle is crafted from a special blend of 1/4 inch solid basswood, backed with a double-thickness layer of beautiful striped mahogany. The end result, a more luxurious appearance!

Fool's Gold uses special archival inks and enhanced matte paper to ensure your puzzles will last a long time. These ultra-fine inks are life- and lightfastness rated up to 200 years by the manufacturer, and provide vivid high-image quality output.

You’ll also discover each Fool’s Gold puzzle is truly unique. Every piece is patiently cut with the finest jigsaw blade available, a mere .007" thin, no wider than a whisker. The end result, a fine heirloom-quality jigsaw puzzle you and your family will enjoy today and for generations to come!

Hundreds of puzzles from more
than a dozen artists. Just click
here for our ARTISTS section.

Fool's Gold Puzzle Box

All Fool's Gold puzzles are packed inside a liquid gold lamé pouch and then fitted into a beautifully crafted custom black box. And, as with all of our puzzles, no pictures are included of the final image! They are true puzzlers' puzzles!

Discover the Fool's Gold difference: No pictures. Free shipping.

When you order a Fool’s Gold puzzle, you will not receive a finished picture of the
puzzle. Why? It’s just our Foolish rule. Our jigsaw puzzles are made to be challenging. They are meant to be true puzzlers’ puzzles. And while we don’t provide you an image of what you are making, we do offer you FREE SHIPPING on your purchase. Why? It’s just another one of our Foolish rules.

Note: FREE SHIPPING via USPS Priority (or equivalent) offer applies only to those puzzles ordered on www.foolsgoldpuzzles.com and shipped within the Continental U.S. For custom puzzle orders and all other needs, please call or email us.

Discover the Fool's Gold difference: Advanced wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Advanced wooden jigsaw puzzles can incorporate many different cutting styles and techniques, such as, color-line cutting, double cutting, dropouts or voids, irregular edges, and trick corners and edges. (See Foolish Facts sidebar for these terms and descriptions.)

Wooden jigsaw puzzles can be crafted from virtually any image: prints, photographs, artwork, posters, calendar pictures, maps, corporate logos... the list is endless. As you explore the world of Fool’s Gold puzzles, you’ll see many examples of each.

Discover the Fool's Gold difference: The finishing touch.

After a puzzle is cut, the double-thick mahogany back surface is hand-sanded, and
then carefully hand-oiled, -waxed, and -polished, bringing out the beauty and grain of the wood.

The finished product is fully inspected, the puzzle is taken apart, pieces are counted
and recorded, and then safely packed inside a liquid gold lamé pouch (not inexpensive tissue paper like our competitors). All Fool's Gold puzzles are initialed by the cutter and dated (on the signature "fool" puzzle piece). The final touch...the puzzle is carefully fitted into a beautiful crafted black box ready to be delivered to your door.

Discover the Fool's Gold difference: No Foolin' Guarantee!

Solid wood vs. plywood? Packed in tissue paper or a custom-made gold pouch?
Double-backed veneer vs. a single-ply veneer or none at all?

Is there a difference? At Fool’s Gold, we believe so. It’s one of the reasons we back
every puzzle with our No Foolin’ Guarantee. Your complete satisfaction or your
purchase price refunded. Period.

Fool's Gold wooden jigsaw puzzle Birds Blossoms and Butterflies

"Birds, Blossoms,
& Butterflies"

A triple challenge! Irregular edges, plus Foolish Figurals integrated into the puzzle. Oh yes, no pictures are included of the final image!

250 pcs
10" x 16"