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Fool's Gold Fine Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Bruce Whitehill


Bruce Whitehill is an American writer and game inventor, active since the early 1980s.
He founded a murder mystery dinner theater company, The Mystery Game, one of the
three oldest such companies in the U.S. still in operation. He gave a PowerPoint
presentation on “Clue/Cluedo: A Contemporary Game” at an international Board Game
Studies colloquium in Germany. He is the author of The Hardy Boys The Number File 
(“Case File #17,” under the pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon) and has even had one of
his short mysteries published in a Xerox product catalog. His mystery games include
“The Psychedelic Cypher Caper” and “Underwood Cellars” (soon to be released also
in a German edition), plus mystery jigsaw puzzles “Recipe for Murder,” “The Orient
Express,” “Murder on the Nile,” and the soon-to-be-released “Clue: A Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle.”

Bruce wrote the story and created the scene for A Reflection of Murder,
and it’s his photo that is the image for this mystery puzzle.

Fool's Gold Mystery Puzzle Series!

A collaboration effort with author and game designer, Bruce Whitehill.

A Reflection of Murder

A crime has been committed. Rodeo expert Tex Ryder is dead.
Died with his boots on they say!

Your mission... Assemble the crime scene (different trom the scene shown below),
and determine who killed Tex Ryder, how it was done, and the possible motive for the crime.

To help you discover these answers, there are various specially crafted Foolish Figurals to
assist in uncovering the crime! Good luck! Solution is included in a sealed envelope.

A Reflection of Murder
150 piece range
8" x 8"

More mystery puzzles are in the works!

Cappadocia (Turkey)

60 pcs
3" x 10"
110 pcs
4" x 14"
250 pcs
6" x 21"

Bruce is also a wonderful photographer. Here is a colorful shot he took in his travels to Turkey, at Cappadocia.